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September - National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month occurs each year during the month of September. Did you know that fatal drug overdoses hit a record high last year and Covid-19 is making the problem even worse?But the young men and women at New Life For Adults and Youth are safe and alive. Alive in Christ that is! It's not an easy journey back to life, health, and hope but it is so exciting to see what God can do.

New CDC data shows America's number of fatal drug overdoses hit a record high last year, reversing progress made in 2018—and public health experts fear the situation will only get worse amid the country's coronavirus epidemic. 

During this epidemic, people are feeling a lot more despair, anxiety, and rootlessness, and that can lead to more problematic drug use and more risk of overdose.  But at New Life For Adults and Youth, we have a different kind of medicine. We may not have a vaccine for [Covid-19], but we have a vaccine for a broken heart and broken lives and His name is Jesus!

We are committed to helping the lost and hurting because we know that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover. Will you stand with us and help in these critical times?

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