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Kayla Before & After Story of Redemption

I’ve struggled with addiction for twenty years. I was blessed with great parents and a stable upbringing, but after losing a child when I was 15, I became depressed. My weekend partying turned into an addiction. I stopped caring about everything except drugs, leading me to drop out

of sports and not attend school. Trauma seemed to follow me, and I was hit with loss

after loss. Doctors said I would never have children. I fell deeper into addiction when I was introduced to methamphetamines, which took me to a very dark place.

By the grace of God, in 2017, I gave birth to my miracle, Hunter. A year later, Cora Mae was

born. Still, their father and I couldn’t stay clean. I had two babies under two years old, and then

my boyfriend was in a debilitating motorcycle accident, putting him in a full-body cast. The stress was too much. I was in over my head.

In January 2022, my choices caught up with me in a legal sense. Sitting in a jail cell, I received

my first Bible and began seeking God. I read my Bible every night before bed. Soon, I heard

about The Mercy House.

Since coming to New Life for Adults & Youth, I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Being behind bars was nothing to the self-made prison I had created, but through His grace and mercy, He has broken my chains and provided me with freedom. My relationship with my children is restored, and I can be present in their lives. My parents are proud of me, and through Christ, I am accomplishing things I never thought possible.

Because of God’s grace, I will serve Him for the rest of my life.

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