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Call the number below to get connected to our intake coordinator.




New Life for Youth and Adults  is our 12-18 month residential program in Richmond, Virginia. We offer a cost-effective approach to addiction and other life-controlling problems in a Christ-centered environment.


There is no cost or obligation to apply to see if a New Life Center is a good fit for you or your loved one. The form is confidential and will be reviewed by our Admissions Team, who will help you with ‘next-steps’ for enrollment. 

Apply By Mail

Physical applications can be mailed to:

Men's Intake

4905 Walmsley Boulevard

Richmond, VA 23224

Women's Intake

2320 Broad Rock Blvd.

Richmond, VA 23225

Due to mail delivery times please allow 1 week for processing.  If you believe your application has not been processed please don't hesitate to contact us at


NEW LIFE FOR YOUTH group graduates 2020.

Adult Men's Program

Adult Women's Program

The Mercy House

Mom and Child Mercy Moms House

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