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Mikayla's Story: All Smiles

“I was facing a lot of years in prison, and I deserved it.”

Two years ago, Mikayla was addicted to speed-balling Heroin, Meth, and Xanax. Speed-balling is the deadly mixing of a stimulant with an opioid.

"I would stay up for days, sometimes even weeks. After an eleven-day binge, I woke up in a jail cell only remembering bits and pieces of what happened to get me there. I was involved in a robbery that went bad. I was charged with abduction, breaking and entering by force, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, larceny and about six other felonies. I thought for sure I had lost my life to the system. One day a girl came into jail packing some heroin; I overdosed and was left for dead in the cell. I woke up in the medical unit to find a Bible in the tray slot. I read some and thought about my soul going to hell if they hadn’t been able to revive me. It really scared me. I started attending the prison Bible Studies and chapels and eventually started praying and reading my Bible.”

Mikayla thought she was too far gone with no way out, but she stayed in the Word and prayed, until God worked a miracle in her situation.

“When I went to court, the victim had chosen not to testify. After being in jail a year, I was released. I still had issues, and I wanted a deeper relationship with God, so after being ‘free’ for seventeen days, I decided to come to New Life. That decision has changed my life completely. My God stripped away everything and everyone to build up the woman of God He wanted me to be. He has restored relationships with my family that I thought were completely un-fixable. But most importantly, He has molded me into the best mother I can be to my seven year old son. Thanks to New Life and God, I am the better creation that I thought I never would be."

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