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New Life Adults and Youth

Many men and women with life-controlling issues come to New Life for Youth Adults and Youth

 after a life of unhealthy attempts to fill the voids in their lives. Many have suffered unimaginable trauma and abuse and were "looking for love in all the wrong places" failing to find what was missing.

With an introduction to Christ, vocational, educational, and spiritual training, they realize who they are meant to be. Not only do they find the piece that had been missing, but they find the missing peace, as well. One of the greatest changes an addict experiences when drugs are replaced with self-discipline and direction, value, and victory, is a peace like they've never felt. This isn't a temporary escape through drugs or alcohol. This peace is the result of a life-change, a mind-renewal, a purpose-restored, and focus fixed on freedom.

Sadly, not every recovering addict will make the necessary changes to experience lifelong change; but the odds are greatly in favor of freedom for those who complete our 12-month residential program. That is why we depend on your prayers and support, especially in critical times like these. Without your immediate and faithful giving, more families than ever will remain trapped in a lifestyle of addiction and trauma. Their cries drive us to pray unceasingly, work diligently, and give sacrificially. Please stand with us against addiction and help support our ministry. 

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