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Chris' Story:

I started off drinking and smoking weed at the age of 13. Before I was 15, I was snorting pain pills, and added heroin by 17. I never wanted to stop. But the Lord had so much more for me. God allowed a beautiful girl to come into my life. Nicole was perfect in every way and I fell madly in love with her. She loved me, too. Then she got sick with Leukemia. I had already dropped out of school and was ready to take my life after losing her. Then I found Nicole’s letter. God worked to get my attention through her last words to me. I went back to school and graduated, but I still felt lost. So, I went back to old habits. I started using more drugs, got into legal trouble, and landed in jail. Sitting in the cell, God reached His hand out to me and brought me to New Life for Adults and Youth. I’m still building my relationship with the Lord, but now I found what was missing all along.

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