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Merry Christmas - Happy New Year

As I steal a quiet moment today, I am reflecting on 2020. What a crazy year. There have been so many challenges brought on by the pandemic. Still, through it all – in every stretch of unfamiliar territory, God has been with us. Even while dealing with your own uncertainties, you have supported the ministry of New Life for Adults and Youth. For that, I am enormously grateful.

Your support has helped New Life for Adults and Youth to provide --

38,799 NIGHTS of safe, supervised shelter for men, women, and single moms with children.

62,049 CLASSROOM HOURS Vocational, Parenting, Recovery Curriculum, Counseling,

900,000 MEALS provided to the community and our residential programs.

13,222,680 MINUTES of Workforce Deployment Training Your support has helped New Life for Adults and Youth to provide -- Family Support, Mentorship and Case Management.

Your continued assistance as we close out 2020 has never been more critical. I am writing to you today with an urgent request to generously give before December 31 so that we can prepare for the crippling winter months.

I am asking for a special year-end gift from you today. $250, $175, or $100 will help us meet the critical need in our communities through New Life Food Pantry, Emergency Assistance, and neighborhood outreach.

A one-time or monthly gift will go toward 12-months of support for a man, woman, or single mom with children living in our New Life rescue homes. We cannot allow families to go without food and a warm bed to sleep in. Most of all, we must not let children, mothers, and fathers go another day without hope that tomorrow will be better. Thank you again for being a hope and help to the people we serve. I pray that I hear from you soon. Merry Christmas, Health, and Happiness to you and your family, PO Box 13526, Rich

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