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Mandi - Full Of Purpose

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

My dad was getting high with me when I was 14. Cocaine, heroin, alcohol, pills; whatever he was doing, I was doing. I never felt loved and have spent most of my life seeking approval from other hurt and broken people. All I knew was abusive men, toxic friends, destruction because that is the careless treatment I thought I deserved. The only thing I was sure about was that the drugs would never wake up one day and tell me they don’t love me anymore. Then I became a mother.

I started looking into programs and met a lady who was familiar with New Life for Adults and Youth. Now I feel like my eyes are open. I laugh a lot more, and my mind isn’t so heavy. My smile used to be a front Now the joy you see on my face is the real deal.

Now, I am becoming who I was told I would never be – valued, cherished, beautiful, full of purpose. I am a godly woman, a good mom, and I am not forgotten.

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