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Christina Fagan Testimony

In June of 2017, I knew something had to drastically change or I was going to die.

Coming from an abusive childhood and constantly feeling that I wasn’t worth anything, at the early age of thirteen I started smoking cigarettes and using street drugs to escape the pain. Growing up with 3 more abusive father figures, I began withdrawing from my family and hanging out with the wrong crowds. The concept of “father” was not a positive one. But I had not met my true Father yet.

I left home at the age of 19 to escape, but I went straight into my own toxic relationship. During those 16 years of cruelty, I suffered from mental and physical abuse. I became addicted to pain pills and eventually turned to suicide as a solution. I dealt with such trauma I didn’t think I would ever be able to be free from my pain or addiction. When I finally got out of the violent relationship, I stayed with my mother until I got my own place. Still, the pain didn’t stop.

Once again, I turned to substances. I started drinking to try to ease the pain. After losing my apartment, car, and everything I owned, I ended up in a motel room almost drinking myself to death. A 14-day alcohol binge put me in the hospital’s psychiatric and addiction unit.

New Life for Adults and Youth has a reputation for recovery success among medical centers, mental health clinics, and addiction counselors. It was at one such hospital that Christina heard about the program that would change her life.

Since I’ve been at New Life, I’ve become a new creation no longer living in fear. I have been able to heal from past trauma and forgive those who hurt me. I am free from my addiction and now have an everlasting relationship with my true Father, Jesus Christ. Thanks to New Life I have been able to restore family relationships and look forward to what God has planned for my future.

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