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Chris's Beyond a Miracle.

My transformation, or more specifically my rebirth in Christ, was beyond a miracle. I lived a lifestyle unimaginable to most; I made a living off others’ addictions. Death surrounded me.

I knew of God, and I felt Him, but there was no relationship with Him. I had not turned to Him. I was lost in my addiction, as was my then-girlfriend and now fiancé Savannah. However, she had known a relationship with the Lord and planted seeds in my life during our mess.

When I finally turned to God, I was incarcerated...again. I was no stranger to being a prisoner. I had already done four years in prison. This time I was facing a sentence of 10 years to life. As I began praying and reading the Bible, God began to move in mighty ways.

I was able to petition for bond and was granted a bed-to-bed transfer to New Life for Adults and Youth. It was here that I began to press into God. I fully submitted to Christ at “The Ranch” and was saved and baptized the same day. I was immediately set on fire and developed a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

When I went to court to be sentenced, I received my promise. My third strike was amended to my first, and my 10 years to life sentence was suspended. Thanks to God and New Life’s constant training to make disciples

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