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Last night I had the honor of being at the premiere playing of the new movie, VICTOR at the Byrd Theatre in Richmond.  The story is based on the life of Pastor Victor Torres, who with his wife Carmen, founded New Life For Youth to help addicts rebuild their broken lives by first building a relationship with Jesus. Victor had been a gang member and drug dealer and drug user before finding salvation in Christ.

After the movie ended, all the students, staff, and pastors currently involved in New Life For Youth gathered below the screen to form a large choir singing praises to God for what He has done in each of their lives.  The image below shows part of that large choir.

NLFY Choir at Victor Premiere

As these people who have found a new life praised God, something occurred to me.  Even though the movie we had just watched was the story of Victor's struggles and his mother's determined prayers, the praise was all directed to God.  He was receiving every bit of the glory.  As they sang I recounted various scenes from the movie, scenes of Victor's mother on her knees pleading with God over and over again to save her son.  There were also scenes of Victor falling to the ground and crying out to God, "Can You hear me?  Are You there?  Save me!"

And then it hit me that while Victor and his mother cried out in anguish, God already knew that this moment of worship at the Byrd Theatre was going to happen.  I'm sure that God's heart ached with theirs as the bore that incredible pain.  But He knew that 50 years from then, He would receive this worship and that it could not have come to Him any other way.

Then I applied that thought to my own life.  I thought of my own struggles and prayers, those times when God seems silent or distant, those times when I struggle with doubt.  When we face our own struggles and hardships, when we are clinging to God with that last measure of faith and we feel like we can't hold on any longer, God already sees the day and moment in time when we will glorify Him because of what He has brought us through.  I hope that the next time I'm facing a hardship that I can remember this truth.  God already sees the praise and glory that I will joyfully give Him one day.  And He knows that on that day, I will be happy to have endured that hardship in order to have that moment of worship with Him.

May we all remember this and may it change the way we face our struggles.  Our worship is deepest after God has redeemed our worst situations.


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