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I first heard Trophies of Grace sing together in May of 2014.  It was the Spring Luncheon held under a large tent outside The Mercy House.  I was impressed by the fact that this small choir of girls was made up entirely of young women who were healing from brokenness caused by addictions and other terrible things.

The next time I heard them was at a supporters meeting held inside The Mercy House.  At this point, I had been volunteering with New Life For Youth for almost two years.  I had met some of the women who were singing in Trophies of Grace and I knew some of their stories.  This time their voices sounded so much more angelic, so beautiful.  Were they singing any differently, or was it just that I now better understood Who they were singing to and why?

Some of the girls shared their testimonies between songs.  They told stories about what their lives were like prior to coming to New Life For Youth.  Then they shared how Jesus saved them and the miraculous ways He had been redeeming their lives ever since.  When they returned to singing their voices sounded even sweeter, filled with a confident joy.  Hearing their soft harmonies, it occurred to me that none of thiTrophies of Grace Collages beautiful sound would have ever been heard had New Life For Youth not been there for these girls.  Each of these young women had been a prisoner bound in a life of addiction.  They didn't even know they had such beautiful voices, nor did they have anything to sing about.  If they had not come to The Mercy House, the world would probably have never heard their voices, and their lives would likely have ended too soon.

Everyday New Life For Youth is contacted by another man or woman who is trying to find a way out of addiction.  How many other beautiful voices are now silent behind a deadly wall of addiction?  Your donation to the New Life For Youth #GivingTuesday campaign will help another girl to discover her voice and use it to sing of Jesus' redeeming love.  Please help.


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