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Kevin grew up in an average middle-class family.  He was athletic, involved in several different sports activities, and was popular with his classmates.  But after he suffered an injury during a game, he was prescribed opiates to help with the pain.  With each pill he took, Kevin grew anxious about renewing his prescription before he ran out of pills.  When the doctor would not renew his prescription, panic gripped him.  He needed more pills in order to get through the day.  Kevin was addicted to pain killers.  With no hope of the doctor renewing his prescription, he turned to the easily accessible alternative - heroin.


Kevin knew that heroin was destroying his life.  His friends no longer wanted to be around him.  He didn't want to leave his home except to find more heroin.  All that he had had and all that he was before his sports injury were all disappearing.  Kevin had exchanged his bright future for a prison of addiction.  He felt as though someone or something else had taken over his body and was making decisions now. Though he hated heroin and what it was doing to him, he had no power to refuse it. And when he did manage the strength to fight the urge, the pain of withdrawal was more than he could bear.  The only way to stop the pain was another hit of heroin.  And the cycle continued, taking his life from him and eventually leading him to an overdose that nearly killed him.

Then Kevin learned about New Life For Youth. He knew it was a Christian faith-based ministry and he remembered the Savior he had heard about as a child.  He put his hope in Jesus and came to the Ranch, New Life For Youth's home for men.  Kevin has renewed his relationship with Christ and has been clean for several months now.  His new passion is to warn teenagers about the dangers of opiates.  It only takes one try to become addicted.  And the pain of addiction last much longer than the pain of a healing sports injury.  He wants people to know ugly truth about the pain and desperation that come with heroin addiction.  And because of the hope Kevin now has of a new life free of addiction, he has the rest of his bright future to shout that warning call.

Many young men like Kevin are not able to contribute to the cost of their treatment.  But nobody is ever turned away from New Life For Youth because they cannot pay.  We count on the generous donations of our supporters to meet the needs of our Men's Ranch.  Please consider helping us by making a DONATION this #GivingTuesday.  Your donation will quite literally help save lives.



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