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Brittany had been abused.  The hurt was always there, she couldn't get away from it.  Like so many others in her situation, Brittany turned to drugs to help cope with the pain.  But when she tried heroin for the first time, she found herself captive to a new and powerful addiction.  She could not live without the drug.  She could not say No to its pull and she could not save herself from its destruction.


Brittany came to the Mercy House, New Life For Youth's home for women, and found sisters with similar histories and struggles.  Some of the young women at the Mercy House are students who, like Brittany, are working to overcome their addictions.  They are clinging to the hope that they can have a new life - a life free of addictions.  Others at the Mercy House have graduated the program and have been clean for years.  They have devoted their lives to helping other women to find the new life that they have.  These young have learned that they are valued beyond price by their Savior, Jesus Christ, and they work to share that truth with each new girl who comes into the program.

Now, more than half way through the program, Brittany is filled with joy and hope.  She dares to dream about her future.  That joy and hope shine like a light through her smile.

"Before NLFY, my life was a crazy mess. My life was in turmoil and I went to a very dark place. I was a victim of sexual abuse and turned to drugs to deal with it. I say, “was” because I’m not a victim anymore. I am a VICTOR now! The Mercy House saved my life and I found deliverance through the love, mercy, grace & joy of knowing Christ." - Brittany

This #GivingTuesday you can help New Life For Youth provide a safe home and loving care to other women like Brittany, who are crying out for someone to save them from addiction, someone to offer them hope for a new life.  Please, DONTATE now.

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